Great Deals on New and Used Stuff?

Exciteme Etiquitte Rules

What NOT To Do When Buying And Selling

Arrive when you say you will.

Telling us you’ll be here in 15 minutes, and then making us wait 45 minutes to finally hear back from you, is not cool.

You agreed upon a set time with us to pick up the item you wanted.

The fact that your wife has your car and is still out shopping, is not our problem. You knew your wife was out with the car when you told us you’d be here in 15 minutes.

We’re also sure you knew that your wife’s trip to the store would take longer than you had hoped it would.

Stop Your Haggling

When we put something up for sale, we price it to sell. A buyer gets a good deal from us. We share the retail price and a link to where you could buy the item online if available. No secrets. So, please, stop with the repeated haggling.

It just gets so tiresome.

Trying to haggle the price down more and more reminds us of this quote – and we just might start using it:

“For those that need to haggle, we will gladly raise the price so we can give you a discount.”

Dont Play 20 Questions

We’re so happy you are interested in the item we have for sale.

Really, we are.

But please…make a decision.

We are not here to play “20 Questions” with you online.

“Is it brand new?”

Did you read the description in the ad? Brand new, never used, still in the box.

“Does it fit a queen-sized mattress?”

Um…our ad states “Queen-size bed frame”

We are not sure what part of “queen-size” you don’t get.

Please, people. Read the ad carefully before you start an unnecessary chain of back-and-forth, time-wasting, emails.

We Don’t Play Cricket(s) Either

Things get worse when you play 20 Questions and that game morphs into “crickets”.

At least have the common courtesy to finish the discussion.

Don’t want to buy our item after all? No worries.


Don’t log off and run away into the abyss, and leave us “listening” to crickets.

The sound of silence. I do love Simon and Garfunkel but…

Do you want to buy the item or not?


Worse than disappearing online? Disappearing in real life.

You’ve agreed on a price. You’ve agreed on a time to come by.

We sit. We wait. We check the clock. We wait some more.


You are gone, never to be seen or heard from again.

Those are the noisiest and most annoying crickets!

We’re Not Your Bank

Buying unwanted household items from someone off Kijiji is not rocket science.

There are no debit machines, and no, you can’t use your credit card to earn rewards.

This is a cash purchase…and we are not your bank.

No, we don’t have $35 in change to give you from the purchase of our $15 item – with your $50 bill!

And no, we really don’t have time to wait for you to run over to your bank to get some change

Don’t Low Ball

When we price items to sell on Kijiji, we price them fair.

Sometimes too fair, in my opinion. We sometimes argue about how high to price an item.

I like to price a little high, to leave some wiggle room for that inevitable haggling. Because, no matter what, you know there’s going to be haggling, right?

My partner? He’s a “get ‘er done and sold” type of Kijiji seller. He doesn’t want to keep an item in the house for 6 months just to score an extra $10 when it finally does sell. I know. He’s a smart man.

The one thing we do agree on is the “low baller”. The ExciteMe buyer who’s looking for (basically) something for nothing.

Follow these simple Rules of Etiquette and everyone will be happier and you wont have any issues.

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