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York man accused of submitting false info for intercourse registry | State and Regional Information

YORK – McLean Christiansen, 28, of York, has been charged with violating the Sex Offender Register, which is a Class 3A crime.

Christiansen waived his preliminary hearing in York County Court and the case was referred to the District Court.

Christiansen was initially charged with six first-degree sexual assaults, but was eventually convicted of debauchery by a minor in October 2019. After his conviction, Christiansen was ordered to keep the state register of sex offenders for a period of 15 years. Compliance with registration requirements includes consistent reporting to the place of residence, workplace, etc. to local law enforcement agencies, etc.

According to court records, the York Police Department was contacted by someone who discovered that Christiansen had used his address when registering his address with law enforcement, but the information was incorrect. The person said Christiansen hadn’t lived there in a while. He had been there temporarily, but was no longer welcome at this address. The resident said she believed Christiansen lived in his car somewhere in Lincoln.

An arrest warrant was issued and Christiansen was taken into custody.

As the new charge against him is a class 3A crime, he faces a possible maximum sentence of three years in prison with 18 months of custody after release.