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Wreaths Throughout America escorts wreaths to veteran’s graves in preparation for placement

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Three trucks of wreaths were brought to Knoxville Thursday as Wreaths Across America prepares to place them at the graves of veterans over the weekend.

Wreaths over Americans at Governor John Sevier Veterans State Cemetary said they would be placed on Saturday and thanked the Knox County Sheriff, their truck drivers, and their leader for the delivery. They also thanked Skyline for storage and delivery to the cemeteries.

“The reason we’re doing this in this regard is if you’ve ever seen a funeral where they walk the caisson and escort the hearse, it is something like this,” said Bernie Koprince, who works with Wreaths Across America works together. “We’re bringing these wreaths to a resting place.”

In order to participate in the placement of the wreaths, people had to get tickets. The last day they were picked up was Tuesday December 15th. Participants must always wear masks, and one ticket is only valid for one car.