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Wikipedia restricts edits to Lincoln Challenge web page amid intercourse scandal, claiming ‘vandalism’

Wikipedia classifies the Lincoln Project page as “semi-proprietary” on its website, which means that many users are banned from editing the page as the anti-Trump group deals with allegations of sexual harassment against co-founder John Weaver.

“Semi-Protection is useful when new or unregistered users experience significant interference or vandalism, or to prevent sock puppets of blocked or banned users from being edited, especially if they are biographies of living people who have recently reached a high level of media interest, “explains the Wikipedia page on semi-protected pages.

SECOND AT LEAST accuses the co-founder of the LINCOLN PROJECT of committing sexual harassment, says the author

On the Wikipedia page of the Lincoln Project, the allegations of sexual misconduct against Weaver are only mentioned in the penultimate paragraph of his “History” section.

The Lincoln Project announced Monday that it would move forward after several members, including co-founders Jennifer Horn and Steve Schmidt, resigned amid the Weaver argument.

Mike Madrid, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and Reed Galen during a “60 Minute” interview on the Lincoln Project last year.

“The Lincoln Project will continue to produce and distribute our popular content and commentary while these reviews are in progress and we are working at full capacity,” the group said in a statement.

These “ratings” don’t just cover an investigation into allegations that Weaver sent sexually charged messages to more than 20 young men – including former Lincoln Project employees. The Lincoln Project statement states that outside consultants were also called in “to strengthen our corporate governance, finance and operational structure, human resources and leadership, and to position the Lincoln Project to further maximize our impact and focus on.” our important mission to promote democracy. “”


In addition to what critics call seedy financial deals, the Lincoln Project may also have gotten into legal trouble after posting private Twitter messages between Horn and a reporter. This could potentially have violated federal law, according to co-founder George Conway. Conway left the group in August.

Fox News’ Ronn Blitzer and Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.