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Why folks balk at Dhaka police’s ‘cash escort’ service

| Updated January 23, 2021 8:48:34 AM

The police provide security when transporting large sums of money in Dhaka, but despite repeated attacks, people seem to have little or no interest in the special service called “money escort”, reports

Business people, corporate employees, and ordinary people lose a lot of money if they carry the money alone. Some of them are even injured in the mugger attacks. In some cases, people are even killed.

Police officers say people can avoid such incidents simply by getting help from the Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s 10 teams to provide the money escort service.

A total of five teams are always ready in the Police Control Room on Abdul Gani Road to provide monetary escort services to individuals or organizations from the Ramna, Motijheel, Wari and Lalbagh Divisions as part of the DMP, while the Mirpur Police Control Room has five teams available for people in the Mirpur, Gulshan, Uttara and Tejgaon divisions.

Those looking for the services just have to dial 9559933, 9551188, 9514400 or 01713398311.

Local police stations and the DMP Central Command and Control Center have worked to motivate people to use the money escort service.

A large group of traders operate in the Badamtali, Islampur and Babubazar wholesale centers, but few of them choose the money escort service offered by the police, said Mizanur Rahman, chief of Kotowali Police in Old Dhaka.

Shahin Fakir, OK of Bangshal Police Station, now speaks to the managers of the banks in his area every morning and asks them to let the police know if they need help.

“We also talk to the local traders, but they have never shown interest in the service. Only four to five people seek the money escort service, while many traders move the money from one place to another themselves,” he said.

Some people use the service during the Eid vacation, but not at other times, said OC Delwar Hossain of the Bhashantek Police Station.

Police are always ready to keep people safe, said Sudeep Kumar Chakrabarty, deputy police commissioner for Gulshan Division. “In particular, we send the team immediately when it asks for money escort service,” he said.

But people don’t want to use the service because not all funds are rightly earned, he said.

People seek support from the police when they want to move a large amount, usually more than Tk 10 million, said police superintendent Maruf Hossain Sardar in Dhaka. Some of the pre-made clothing factory owners usually use police help to carry around large amounts of money, he said.


While the public is indifferent to police protection, crimes such as assault, theft or deception have not abated.

On May 10th last year a bag with Tk 8.0 million cash was lost from a vehicle belonging to the National Bank. The bank filed a case with the Kotowali Police Station about the incident.

Within a few days, the police detective department recovered Tk 6.0 million of the lost amount and arrested four looters with foreign weapons.

In a separate incident on the same day, two brothers, Saiful Islam Sabuj, 35 and Rafiqul Islam Mukul, 30, were robbed of Tk 5.5 million by Janapad Intersection in Jatrabari. They used to run an office for Dutch-Bangla Bank in Kajla, Jatrabari, and were on their way to the Devijheel foreign exchange branch on a motorcycle to deposit the money.

Upon reaching the Janapad intersection, six armed robbers in three motorcycles blocked the way and pushed their bikes down. The robbers beat her and took the bag of cash while they fired warning shots.

In another incident in Khilgaon on the same day, Mugger snatched Tk 2.0 million from Abdus Salam, 30, an employee of the Ekota department store in Goran Bazar. Salam made his way around 10:30 am to deposit the money at the nearby Dhaka Bank. The criminals blocked his way and fired four rounds of bullets. Salam was shot in his leg and the robbers took away the bag full of money. Locals then rescued Salam and admitted him to the hospital.

On June 7, 2020, criminals looted Tk 8.2 million when the employees of a clothing factory in Gazipur withdrew the money from a bank.

A few years ago, criminals shot a rice trader in Babubazar in Kushtia and looted Tk 5.0 million from him. The trader later died of his injuries.

In addition, on August 8, 2011, criminals shot and stole Tk 4 million, ‘Khairul’, the chief accountant of Masters Garments in Matuail, Jatrabari.

In a similar incident on April 15, 2015 in Nababbari, Old Dhaka, a fruit trader with 1.6 million Tk was shot and attacked.

Selim Akhter, an accountant for Sanofi Pharma, moved his company Tk 3.3 million to deposit with BRAC Bank when Muggers intervened on a motorcycle outside the Bishal Center in Mogbazar on May 25, 2020. They shot Akhter and grabbed the money in broad daylight.

In various incidents in 2016 and 2018, three bKash agents were shot and the criminals looted a total of Tk 2.2 million.


Traders said they were unwilling to seek police help despite so many cases of robbery and looting, saying they wanted to “avoid harassment”.

“The first thing the police ask is where we got so much from. We don’t want to get in trouble, ”said Saiful Islam, an oil trader in old Dhaka.

It is similar with the clothing retailer ‘Mamun’ from Patuatuli. “We receive money almost every day and deposit it into the bank. How often can we ask the police for help? “

Up to 54 banks are there under the jurisdiction of his police station, said OC Moudut Howlader of the Chawkbazar Police Station. These banks have billions in transactions every day, but they rarely seek police support.

The police provided them with security when the banks called them, he said.

“The police never ask for the source of the money, they simply offer them security,” said Moudut.

Recently, two plainclothes policemen stayed at a clothing manufacturer’s house in Gulshan for security because he had a lot of money at home. The incident happened a few months ago, said OK Abul Hasan of the Gulshan Police Station.

The businessman, who owns a clothing factory in Gazipur, withdrew Tk 65 million that evening. As it was Thursday, he would not be able to pay his workers the next day even if the police escorted him to Gazipur, the OK told the news agency.

“When the businessman was concerned, we told him that we could send two policemen to his house for security. But he felt that the presence of the police would arouse curiosity among his neighbors. “

“So two police officers stayed at his house for two nights pretending to be family members to provide security.”

The money was taken to the Gazipur factory to open.

The OK urged everyone to contact the police to ensure the safety of their money.