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Why Anna Bachelor Season 25 Escort Rumor Is Harmful

Anna deliberately mistreats Brittany precisely because, as she tells the seasonal villain Victoria during the group meeting, she believes Brittany is an escort. According to Anna, unnamed and unverified “people” have sent her “messages” advising her that Brittany “entertains men for money” and “may be an escort”. While a link to sex work shouldn’t be a “blame” – it’s a job, just like Anna’s career as a copywriter – it can currently blow up someone’s life. Ask 23-year-old New York medic and OnlyFans content creator who was doxxed for a deliberately reckless New York Post story in December 2020. Anna is aware of the possible consequences of her story. As she says when she’s dissatisfied with Brittany’s (very normal) group party cocktail party promotions, “I almost want to say, ‘Yo girl, I know some shit about you. ‘”This“ filth ”is a weapon.