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WATCH Courageous Driver of Escort Car Below Assault in South Africa – SAPeople

Brave driver of the support vehicle under fire in South Africa. Photo: Screenshot from Twitter video

An escort driver in South Africa is praised for his ability and his cool serenity in attack. “Chuck Norris has officially been dethroned,” joked many viewers after viewing the dashboard camera footage on social media of suspects holding AK47 rifles on the driver and his passenger.

The video footage from the car camera was uploaded to Twitter by Yusuf Abramjee, the advocate of social cohesion, and said, “Escort Vehicle attacked. The driver rammed the two cars of the attackers. “

According to the timestamp on the footage, the incident occurred on April 22nd at around 10:25 a.m.

The shooting reportedly took place at the intersection of N4 Pretorius Street in Hatfield, Pretoria. The armored vehicle shown in the video, a land cruiser, accompanied a courier truck that was carrying cell phones.

The driver deliberately bumped into the Audi and then chased it into the premises of a Southern Sun Hotel. According to a message from SA Long Distance Truckers, the suspects jumped out and one ran into the local MacDonalds while one or more others fled the scene.

The aftermath of an attack on an escort vehicle in South Africa. Screenshot from Twitter

No injuries were sustained. Two AK47 were found.

SA Long-Distance Truckers said: “The most dangerous job in South Africa … How good is this driver?”

South Africans have praised the driver for his years of experience, which clearly paid off as he was able to bravely and quickly perform movements that would put even Chuck Norris to shame! As many South Africans said, “Give this man a bell.”

The passenger’s critics were advised that most young men would have reacted the same at that scary moment.

WATCH VIDEO: Car Cam in the support vehicle captures the SA driver hero ‘Chuck Norris’