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UPDATE: Suspect in Idaho Falls intercourse offense case situated in Colorado

Deon Ellington Waynewood | Sex Offender Register


A suspect wanted in connection with an ongoing sex offense has been found.

Idaho Falls Police Department spokeswoman Jessica Clements told Deon Waynewood was found Friday in Denver, Colorado and taken into custody by US Marshal Service members.

“We appreciate the marshals and their willingness to coordinate with us to track down and arrest refugees who are leaving our jurisdiction,” says Clements.

Details on Waynewood’s case are provided below.


IDAHO FALLS – A police wanted man reportedly tried to intimidate a victim of child sexual abuse as prosecutors prepared for trial this month.

Deon Ellington Waynewood, 40, is a registered sex offender for conviction in Colorado. Idaho Falls police announced Wednesday that Waynewood is wanted for intimidating witnesses in an ongoing sex crime trial in Bonneville County.

When authorities arrested Waynewood for lewd behavior and sexual harassment in April 2019, he left $ 150,000 on bail and was released. The case stems from allegations that Waynewood sexually abused a young teenage victim between 10 and 100 times, according to an affidavit with likely reason.

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Waynewood’s trial was postponed last year for a number of reasons. He has claimed he belongs to the Moorish sovereign civil movement and should not be charged under Idaho law.

The attorneys’ most recent concerns were expressed in a May 21 motion to withdraw Waynewood’s bond issue. According to court documents received by, Waynewood appeared at the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office on May 6th while prosecutors met with the victim in preparation for a trial scheduled for May 10th. There was already a contactless order in place preventing Waynewood from contacting the girl.

“Waynewood was approached by another prosecutor who stated that he could not be there and that if he had something to address, he would have to do it through his attorney,” the motion reads. “Waynewood argued about the point for several minutes and refused to leave.”

While Waynewood argued with prosecutors, the victim had to be held in a back office. After Waynewood finally left, Idaho Falls police escorted the victim home.

“Prosecutors later learned from a witness that Waynewood had seen the victim’s vehicle parked outside the office before entering the office,” the bail revocation request said. “The non-contact order issued by the court on July 22, 2019 prohibited the defendant from pursuing the victim or being within 900 feet of her. It appears that Waynewood violated both provisions. “

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When investigators investigated the incident, they learned that Waynewood was in contact with a witness in the case. Based on what Waynewood allegedly told the witness, prosecutors believe he is trying to gain compassion from the witness or avoid prosecution in the case.

District Judge Dane H. Watkins agreed to revoke Waynewood’s loan on Tuesday. Waynewood is due to be tried on June 15th.

Idaho Falls / Bonneville County Crime Stoppers is offering a $ 750 reward for information leading to his arrest, according to an Idaho Falls Police Department spokesman.

Anyone with information on Waynewood’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Idaho Falls Police Dispatch at (208) 529-1200. Information can be reported anonymously and anonymous reporters can continue to receive the cash award.

Waynewood, Bonneville County’s criminal history is extensive. In 2016, he violated a contactless order. In 2015 he was found guilty of all offenses of luring children and improper contact with school children. According to court records, he should not have any contact with minors during his probationary period.