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UK set to extend measurement of Royal Navy escort fleet by 2030

The Type 31 frigate is at the heart of government plans to expand the Royal Navy

During his paramilitary defense of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson went out of his way to highlight the Royal Navy expansion envisaged in the review.

The Prime Minister announced plans to increase the Navy’s surface fleet from 15 to 24 vessels by 2030.

Johnson did not seem to know the Royal Navy’s order of battle, however, as he originally said the Navy currently has 15 frigates while the real number is 13.

The Prime Minister later corrected himself.

Since the UK also currently has 6 destroyers – which together with the number of frigates adds up to 19 surface vessels – it is estimated that five new ships, both frigates and destroyers, will be added by 2030.

It is worth noting that the integrated review provides for the acquisition of new Type 32 frigates in addition to the Type 26 and Type 31 frigates.

In addition to developing the next generation of naval ships, one of the main objectives of the government’s defense and foreign policy review revolves around plans to build warships in Scotland.

This is politically sensitive, not least because the Scottish National Party (SNP), which works for Scotland’s independence, is opposed to many aspects of the government’s defense and security policy.