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UFC star beneath hearth for ‘disturbing’ intercourse dig at Aussie

Casey Kenney (pictured right) was called during a podcast for his “humiliating” comments on Australian UFC star Megan Anderson (pictured). (Images: Getty Images / Twitter)

UFC fighter Casey Kenney’s comments to Megan Anderson during an interview have been rated “extremely humiliating” as the fighting community gathers around the Aussie.

Australian star Anderson will face featherweight champion Amanda Nunes on the UFC 259 card, while Kenney will also fight that night.

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But Kenney was beaten up for his comments after he appeared on The TimboSugarshow podcast with UFC star Sean O’Malley and was asked a question about Anderson.

In one degrading segment, Kenney was asked if he would “smash” Anderson.

“Probably not, man,” said Kenney.

“It’s not too … well, I mean, when it comes down to it, and it’s like 5:00 AM, 4:00 AM, it’s 5:00 AM, 4:00 AM.

“Just the two of us hanging out like ‘F *** it, let’s do it.'”

UFC Community Slam Casey Kenney

The American’s reaction has since been publicly shamed online, with Anderson calling the comments “extremely humiliating.”

The UFC community has also gathered around Anderson after Kenney’s comments.

“I think MMA is a workspace where you can speak publicly about whether you’re having sex with a coworker in an extremely humiliating way and facing no consequences.” Anderson tweeted.

“Disgusting behavior and regrettable he will fight on my card in March.”

She later added, “It’s not okay to be talked about like that.”

I think MMA is a job where you can speak publicly about whether you are having sex with a coworker in an extremely degrading way and facing no consequences.

Disgusting behavior and unfortunate he will fight on my card in March.

– Megan Anderson (@MeganA_mma) January 28, 2021

It needs to be clear to everyone that @MeganA_mma is an outstanding MMA competitor who deserves more respect from all of her peers. We have to do better

– Big John McCarthy (@JohnMcCarthyMMA) January 29, 2021

At first I was hesitant to post this because you or any woman in this sport definitely doesn’t deserve to hear this shit and I’m sorry this is even a thing but good for you when you get more light throw at it because it’s bothersome and it needs switching.

– MS (@UFC_Obsessed) January 28, 2021

Was curious what Casey Kenney might say about Dominick Cruz, but between O’Malley’s heroin stance and Megan Anderson’s question why 🤦🏽‍♀️

– MS (@UFC_Obsessed) January 28, 2021

And I just saw a few fights with Casey Kenney and I finally got used to smh. Let this be a lesson for fighters; If you are thinking of opening your mouth and saying something, just don’t do

– # FreetheC-word (@ Keithland00) January 28, 2021

The addiction comment is just pure ignorance. But Megan Anderson’s comments are entirely out of pocket. Act more professionally.

– 440Richard (@ 440richardtv) January 28, 2021

Kenney later apologized for his comments.

The story goes on

“I’m sorry that upset you. I’ll be more careful with my words, ”Kenney wrote.

“I just answered one question and thought it was all a joke. I see I was wrong and I’m sorry. Good luck with the training camp and your fight. “

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