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Troopers solely defend individuals whose lives are at risk – Kan Dapaah justifies navy escorts [ARTICLE]

According to him, the assessments of security experts are taken into account before soldiers are used to protect officials.

Mr Kan Dapaah said so when he appeared before the Parliament’s Appointments Committee on Wednesday 10 February 2021.

He explained that military escorts are given when “a certain person has a problem and people are after his life and we believe there is a danger”.

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Albert Kan-Dapaah

Albert Kan-Dapaah

“Wherever you have seen that soldiers have to protect a certain person, it is because, in our opinion and according to the assessment of the security experts, that certain person must be supported.”

Ghanaians have expressed mixed opinions after photos of European Commission Chairman Jean Mensa and other lawyers escorted by the military to the Supreme Court recently went viral.

While some Ghanaians felt this was a necessary step, others felt a police escort was more appropriate.

Mr. Kan Dapaah said that the police are not well equipped to provide effective security at all times, so soldiers are being used for some officers.

“It is clear that the Ghanaian Police Service and other security agencies have never had the full complement in terms of equipment and men to ensure the most effective policing in the country,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Minister-designate for National Security also announced that military officers who were besieging Parliament on January 7, 2021 were doing so on the orders of a commanding officer.

According to him, the said military commander put his men in the chamber because he felt that things were wrong and wanted to restore sanity.

He turned down proposals that the government used the military to intimidate members of the House.

“One commander felt that things were out of order and decided to use the military to restore order. So I asked him why you thought your presence would frighten you, or whether you could arrest her. It was an unfortunate incident and we wish it never happens again, “he said.

He added, however, that the CDS had been instructed by the President to investigate the incident for the appropriate sanctions that would be offered to the said commander.