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Trash JB Driver Blocks Bomba’s Path Throughout Emergency & As a substitute Pretends To Escort It, Bypassing Site visitors

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What can only be described as a $$ hole driver was caught on camera when, in an emergency, it blocked the path of a fire truck in Johor Bahru and “escorted” it to avoid other cars that got stuck in traffic.

The one-minute clip showed a fire truck with sirens warning the other cars to get out of the way at a traffic light. While all the other cars immediately moved to the side to clear the way for the ambulance, a particularly selfish driver decided to jump in front of the fire truck and blaze through the gap.

Although the fire engine honked the car to get it out of the way, it was ignored and the driver decided to “escort” it through traffic instead.

The driver had even turned on the audacity switch on his hazard warning lights and even put his hand out the window to wave to the other vehicles so he could run the red light.

However, the driver immediately gave up his “unofficial role” when he managed to jump in front of the traffic queue and zoom out.

The video was uploaded by TikTok by user @ wawan0405 – who is also a firefighter. He urged the public to do the right thing with the headline: “Please cooperate when you hear emergency sirens and do not follow this driver’s example. Thank you.”

@ wawan0405

Please cooperate if you hear the emergency siren and you are not like the driver in this video (THANK YOU)

♬ Original sound – Mohd Ridzwan Shah

Do the following if you are hit by an emergency vehicle


Every second counts when firefighters are called for an incident, as this is often done to assist someone in a life threatening situation. The most common emergency vehicles are ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles.

If an emergency vehicle approaches you while driving, proceed as follows:

  1. Stay calm and check where the emergency vehicle is coming from.
  2. Give in by merging left when it is safe to do so.
  3. If you cannot safely move to the left, slow down or stop and let the emergency vehicle overtake you.
  4. Do not accelerate or try to overtake the vehicle as it is dangerous.

You can actually lose your driver’s license if you don’t give way to an emergency vehicle.

According to the Road Traffic Department (JPJ), it is a criminal offense not to give way to a government vehicle such as an ambulance, bomb, police, or customs vehicle.

For each offense, an RM300 link is issued along with 8 points of error. If you accumulate more than 20 failure points within 5 years, your driver’s license will be revoked.

Neither can you break the law to make way for an emergency vehicle, for example when you drive through a red light.

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