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Tim Steller’s opinion: Intercourse crime arrests too widespread amongst Border Patrol brokers | Native information

However, if you turn to the last few years, you can see that the pattern continues.

In 2017, Sierra Vista police arrested agent Paul Adams for sexually abusing his own children. He killed himself in prison.

In 2019, Tucson Police arrested a border guard, Steven Holmes, on charges of sexually assaulting three women while on duty. He’s still waiting for the trial.

Also in 2019, Gustavo Zamora was charged by a Pima County grand jury of sexually assaulting an agent. He’s still waiting for the trial.

In 2020, Dana Thornhill, an agent living in Sierra Vista, was accused of sexually assaulting a child. He barricaded himself in front of officials in a church for hours before he was arrested.

Aside from all of these local cases, perhaps the most alarming of them all happened near Laredo, Texas in 2018. Border guard Juan David Ortiz was arrested for killing four women, all of them local sex workers, and assaulting a fifth.

Of course, most agents are not sex criminals. It has to piss off the good agents to be associated with these others on a regular basis.

But the upright wouldn’t have much to worry about if there weren’t so many bad ones. And they are accused of victimizing not only the vulnerable women who cross the border between ports of entry, but also employees and regular residents in places like Tucson.