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“The final years I needed to go along with an escort” – Newest Information, Breaking Information, Prime Information Headlines

The delivery of ‘Palo y astilla’ on March 2nd had Xavier Sardà as the main guest. The well-known Catalan journalist was interviewed by Mamen Mendizábal, where he spoke about the origin of the presenter and his family, among other things. The communicator remembered the moment when the independence sectors put up posters of several Catalan professionals, including Sardà, calling them terrorists for their work in Madrid.

Xavier Sardà and Mamen Mendizábal in ‘Palo y splinter’

“I was very concerned about the quality of the paper and that it wasn’t in color,” joked the guest as soon as he heard the question. Sardà confessed that seeing him was initially an impact, but later he wanted to solve the problem. «I’ve experienced much more stressful situations. I am 61 years old. The last three of ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ and two later I had to go with an escort. They were very serious problems, so I am now afraid that someone will be busily pasting some posters with six Catalan journalists saying: ‘Go to Madrid’, “he said the speaker.

On the other hand, the communicator revealed the main reason why he ended his star program on Telecinco ‘Crónicas marcianas’: «For the schedule. I’m diurnal, I’m already in orbit at 6:00 a.m. I have a solar animal regime, ”explained the journalist. “Going to bed at 2:30 am for eight years and then not knowing how to sleep the next day. He just didn’t know how to sleep, it was activated again at 8:30 am, «revealed Sardà in the room of laSexta.

“In ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ they paid very well”

Xavier Sardà, together with Mamen Mendizábal, recalled his time on the late show: “If you take a ‘Chronicle’ of the first two years and a ‘Chronicle’ of the last two years, I assure you that the program was infinitely better”, Said the moderator, believing that they had learned over the years. “It ended up being Latre, Boris, me and a few others in a number of brutal and funny situations,” he said. Mendizábal wanted to know whether the journalist was “undressed” during this time. Sardà admitted that “in ‘Crónicas’ they paid very well”: “Yes, it was a time that ended later, these salaries”.