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The Block star Suzi Taylor’s escort texts revealed in extortion trial

“Was 30min [minutes], confirm and get paid if you haven’t.

“1 hour [hour].

“He has to pay, f — this c — and his f —– caravan $$$.

“Key in the drawer honey, bring shoes, take it [to] Bed, I’ll run out [to the] Balcony.

“Write me [Ms Taylor to Mr Ebrahimi].

“Behind the door.

“Tells? 2.5 hours [hours] on [the] Clock.

“Make sure he pays every hour, don’t be too nice, yours [sic] Work.

“G2g [got to go].

“3 hours [hours], stay at the top [of] Pay, business is not too nice sweetheart.

“Babe, 3.5 hours [hours]he has to pay.

“If you don’t ask, I’ll rush out.

“I can’t believe this shit, you can’t make yourself ask.

“RU f — en sauer aks [sic] the C —. “

Mr Butler admitted that he lied in parts of his original police testimony and previous testimony before the Brisbane Magistrates Court about the incident when he was questioned Friday.

The court was told that Ms. Taylor’s tariffs for her services were $ 250 for 30 minutes or $ 500 for one hour. It was alleged that the agreement between Ms. Taylor and the victim was $ 250 for 30 minutes.

The court heard that Mr. Butler had $ 250 cash in his wallet that night, which was missing when he filed a police complaint the next morning.

Mr. Butler was asked to confirm that he spent six hours with Ms. Taylor.

“Yes, but I was handcuffed for most of the time … I deflated myself while handcuffed,” he said.

The court heard that an iPhone charger cable was used to hold Mr. Butler’s wrists back. He suffered light cuts and abrasions, as well as shoulder, neck and back pain.

The process should continue on Monday and complete on Tuesday.

Toby Crockford is a court reporter for the Brisbane Times.

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