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The Bachelor: Brittany Galvin responds to escort claims

February 01, 2021 – 8:50 PM GMT

Francesca Shillcock

The bachelor Star Brittany Galvin has responded to claims she worked as an escort before joining the reality TV show. During last week’s show, contestant Anna Redman made the claim about Brittany and got Brittany to comment on her social media.

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The 23-year-old recently took up her Instagram stories and wrote, “I’m NOT an escort. And for the people who are, don’t let others tear you down. Keep sharing your stories with me because they are so powerful . I’m here to support you as you do with me! “

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The model added, “If this had happened to me in the real world, I’d wipe it off because I knew my truth. But how would you react if someone tried to make you with an allegation that could affect your career for that Exploiting the world? ” Reputation and future relationships.

“In the end, yes, it was a [expletive] to do something but let’s not ruin someone’s life over it. Trying to bring down others is exactly what I don’t want. We’re bigger and better than that. Love you all. “

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Are you enjoying the 26th season of the show?

Brittany’s comment came shortly after many viewers watching the reality dating program, which runs on season 25, criticized some of the contestants for their “mean girl” moments.

One person tweeted last week, “I’m actually so disgusted with several girls this season on @BachelorABC. The fact that these girls are so judgmental and terrible is disgusting. A round of applause to the girls who call it incorrect.” have. #TheBachelor #bachelorabc. “

Another viewer repeated this, writing, “Does anyone really find it entertaining to watch mean girls? It’s just yuck. Give us longer dates and talks, please #TheBachelor,” while a third Katie – who campaigned for Brittany – praised: “Katie with the extra brownie points to be a real one … I’m sick of the bad girls too #TheBachelor.”

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