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The Actual Lifetime of a Tennessee Escort, with Ezra |

In this episode of Out & About After Dark, host James Grady spoke to Ezra, a handsome, soft-spoken young man – not exactly gay, but close – about how he grew up a double outsider in a small town in Tennessee. He was the secretive gay son of Mexican immigrants and secretly (almost accidentally) became a sex worker, especially an escort. And despite the obstacles, his experience entering and practicing the profession was remarkably normal, and often quite healthy. He has few scary stories and little interest in planning his exit from this career in the long term. He has stereotypes, has a day job, his siblings support him and they even know what he’s doing. He also has a stable relationship with a friend who has no problem making some money – After Dark.

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Start 2:35

James: What was it like growing up gay in a small town near Nashville?

Ezra: I mean, it wasn’t terrible. I’m actually being asked more about being the only Spanish person … But actually, being gay and Spanish in a place like this wasn’t bad. Most of the people were very nice. You never treated me differently. But I wasn’t really openly gay in school.

Around 33:30 p.m.

“One of my first jobs, which I got for the first time, was this 35-year-old, tasty man who almost makes you feel bad about being billed for money. It’s just that he just wanted a full body massage and a happy ending. And I think I like to do that. I can touch you up and down and then jerk you off. Yes! I almost don’t want to burden you, but I need money. But it was great. I loved it. And he would pay me double the amount I charged him for the service. And it was definitely one of my favorites. I think I might have met him a time or two more. And then he disappeared on top of me. “

Around 46:50

“I feel like as a Hispanic, I get a certain type of person to hire me. I’m actually not that … I don’t find it a touchy subject because I am actually trying to use it to my advantage. When I try to choose cities that I want to visit for work, I see the escorts who are there. And if there aren’t a lot there, you know, sparkling latinos, then it’s a gold mine because I’ll be new meat there, a new kind of genre person … I don’t think I would go to Florida for that example to get jobs done. I actually had that one experience when I was in Miami. This one guy I photographed him – I’m pretty light brown with black hair – and I get to his place and it’s like this building of skyscraper condos in Florida on the beach. I get in and he looks at me and after about 10 minutes he says, “Yo, I don’t feel that, I thought you were basically white and hairless.”