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Teen women’ testimony towards gymnastics coach particulars alleged intercourse abuse, lasting trauma | Police & Fireplace

FARMINGTON – Written statements from two teenage girls allegedly sexually abused by their gym trainer describe the events and speak to the ongoing trauma they say they suffered.

The information was read during the Davis County Attorney’s presentation on Monday against Kelly Christian Brown, a former gym trainer in Bountiful and Layton.

Brown, 32, of North Ogden, was charged in January after a girl came forward to accuse him of molesting her when she was 15 in 2018. More charges were added when a second girl saw the coverage of Brown’s arrest and she also turned to the authorities.

Parts of the girls’ statements were read to the court. The first girl in the Layton case said Brown engaged her in face-to-face conversations “and they always became sexual”.

She said he had sexually touched her, sent her explicit photos of himself and told her to delete all text.

“I hated what was happening, but I felt like this was the only way to get the coaching I wanted,” she said.

Everything changed when Brown got engaged in late 2018, she said. No more private coaching sessions and no more personal attention.

“I was used, thrown away,” she wrote, adding that she then followed a self-destructive path, abusing alcohol, smoking marijuana and quitting gymnastics. She said her parents enrolled her in online school and that she had rebuilt her life.

The second girl’s testimony stated that Brown allegedly told her “he couldn’t wait to see me naked” when she turned 18. She was then 15 years old. He allegedly sent her explicit photos and groped and touched her sexually, she said.

“I felt it was my fault,” she said. “I’ve never taken a fall course again. I’ve let other men sexualize my body because I thought that’s how it should be.”

She said when she saw a newspaper story about Brown’s case she realized that “his actions are not my fault and never will be my fault. I take pride in bringing these things to light and God bless this brave girl ( the Layton student) for coming forward. “

Defense attorney Tara Isaacson argued that some of the eight charges against Brown lacked sufficient evidence to stand trial. She said none of the alleged explicit photos were entered as evidence of the case and Brown did not admit in a police interview that he sexually touched the first girl.

In a police transcript, Brown was quoted as saying “I never touched her like this” when a detective asked if he touched the girl’s genitals, Isaacson noted.

Judge David Williams ruled that prosecutors had produced at least sufficient evidence to bring the case to justice.

Following the verdict, Brown, held in the Davis County Jail in the pending trial, pleaded guilty to all charges.

He is charged with rape of first degree offenses; violent sexual abuse and two cases of sexual exploitation from minor offenses of the second degree; three cases of handling materials harmful to minor third-degree offenses; and Class A sexual abuse offenses against a minor.

Williams has scheduled a pre-conference for May 18th.