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Ted Cruz Returns from Cancun, Will get Police Escort in Texas

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@noraneus / Twitter

It is. Ted Cruz is back in Texas after his quick escape to Cancun was apparently cut short by outrage over his timing – amid the nationwide emergency – and now he has police protection.

Officers accompanied Cruz as he planned to go to customs in Houston. Sounds like he’s in a pretty good mood for a guy who upset millions of people in a matter of hours.

As we reported … Cancun Cruz and his family boarded a United flight Wednesday night to begin a tropical getaway as millions of its Texans literally freeze and die from the power outages caused by the winter storm.

The Senator quickly got on a flight back to Houston on Thursday afternoon, hours after the backlash. He reportedly tried to upgrade to business class, but as you can see, he drove back in business – and passengers were not afraid to speak to him.

Cruz says he only made the trip to be a “good father” and to accompany his daughters to Cancun. He claims he always planned to return today, but that seems suspicious … considering his wife was on the trip and could have done babysitting on her own.

Oh, and he also had a pretty large roll-up bag for a 24 hour trip. 🤔