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Ted Cruz Nonsensically Claims He Went To Cancun To Escort His Household

Ted Cruz made a statement while on vacation in Cancun claiming he only went to Cancun to accompany his family.

Sen. Cruz’s statement:

“I want to be a good father” … Sen Cruz doesn’t say he should only stay one night and some photos showed him with bags. It would not have taken so long to answer if he had planned to simply accompany the family to Mexico.

– Kelly O’Donnell (@KellyO) February 18, 2021

As Kelly O’Donnell pointed out above, Sen. Cruz never said he should only fly one night but that he would fly back this afternoon.
Ted Cruz was released on vacation in Cancun while millions in his state suffer without electricity or safe drinking water. After he was caught, Cruz decided he had to cancel his vacation and come home after one night.

The idea that Cruz was only accompanying his family is utter nonsense. If Cruz was only acting as an escort, why was he taking his luggage and trying to upgrade his seat?

Cruz is running again for president in 2024, which is why he tries to label his lack of concern for the people of Texas as “family values”. Flyin ‘Ted got caught and now he’s crawling home to do some damage control.

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