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2,000 cops to escort polio groups in Lakki

LAKKI MARWAT – Over 2,000 police officers were deployed in Bannu District to provide foolproof security for polio workers during the ongoing five-day anti-polio drive, an official said Friday. Speaking to reporters, the officer said the police would provide security for polio teams during field operations and in fixed centers. He said that along with Read More
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763 cops to escort polio groups

HARIPUR: During a five-day polio campaign, which will run from March 29 to April 2, 763 police officers with polio staff will remain on duty across the district. District police officer Kashif Zulfiqar told journalists here on Sunday that the district had been divided into four districts and eleven sub-districts. He added that one circle Read More
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Pa. lawmakers have days to assist baby intercourse abuse survivors after Wolf staff’s blunder | John Baer

Pennsylvania lawmakers must correct the tremendous injustice the state government has inflicted on child sexual abuse survivors. This injustice dates back decades when lawmakers kept survivors at a distance and often offered bitter neglect. It is now also a failure of the Wolf government to address a May 18 primary election question that provided survivors Read More
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