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Escorts Tractor Gross sales Fall 43% Over March

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s passenger car business achieved total sales of 18,285 units in April, the company said in a statement. The passenger car increased by 9.5% compared to the previous month, as the demand for commercial vehicles continued to improve. Year-on-year sales are not comparable due to the lockdown due to the Covid last Read More
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Escorts tractor gross sales surge 126% YoY in March

The Escorts Agri Machinery segment (EAM) sold 12,337 tractors in March 2021, the highest sales ever in March, and grew 126.6% from 5,444 tractors sold in March 2020. As a result, the company’s tractor sales rose 9.86% last month from 11,230 units sold in February 2021. Domestic tractor sales totaled 11,730 tractors in March 2021, Read More
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Escorts development gear gross sales surge 252% YoY in March

The Escorts Construction Equipment (ECE) segment sold 680 machines in March 2021, the highest sales ever recorded in March, and grew 252.3% from 193 machines sold in March 2020. “We anticipate that the government will continue to drive infrastructure spending to achieve accelerated GDP growth and a massive NIP (National Infrastructure Pipeline) investment plan, timely Read More
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Escorts Tractor Gross sales Develop By 124% In March 2021 In India

Escorts saw domestic sales grow 124 percent in March 2021, while exports rose 181 percent last month Last month, Escorts Agri Machinery posted domestic sales of 11,730 units in the Indian market. In the same month of last year, that is, March 2020, the manufacturer sold 5,228 units in the domestic market, which corresponds to Read More
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🇷🇺 Little Massive launch new single “Intercourse Machine” on March 8

Little Big will release the new single “Sex Machine” on March 8th, which should be available for every location at midnight. This comes just before the national selection that Russia has planned for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Will Little Big compete with it? Listen to “Sex Machine” If the song isn’t available where you Read More
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Rangers followers march of their 1000’s alongside Glasgow avenue as police escort supporters away from Ibrox

RANGERS fans have marched by the thousands along a Glasgow street amid a heavy police escort. After gathering in droves outside of Ibrox this afternoon as Rangers were confirmed as Scottish champions, supporters were seen on Paisley Road west of the city. 3 Thousands of Rangers fans marched along Paisley Road West in Glasgow from Read More
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