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Contained in the Israeli clinic that ‘teaches intercourse’ for £11,000 to shoppers from injured veterans to virgins

Surrogate sex therapy is a controversial topic, but in Israel it’s become a vital tool to help rehabilitate the likes of those injured in traffic accidents and serving in its military.  A ‘sex surrogate’ is a trained sex partner who helps clients practice intimate physical contact to work through problems that are preventing them from Read More
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Israeli fighter jets escort US B-52 bombers in new inroad in Mideast

Israeli F-15 fighter jets have escorted two US B-52 bombers as they crossed the Occupied Palestinian Territories to flex the Middle East’s recent military muscles. The Times of Israel reported that every American bomber on Sunday was accompanied by four Israeli F-15 jets. “This flight is further evidence of the strategic cooperation with American forces, Read More
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Israeli jets escort US B-52 bombers throughout flyby as tensions with Iran escalate

At least two US B-52 bombers, led by military jets from Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, flew over the Persian Gulf on Sunday, demonstrating military might in the Middle East as tensions between Tehran and Washington escalated. The strategic strategy of the B-52 Stratofortress, which marks the military alliance between the US, Israel and the Read More
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Israeli jets escort US B-52 bombers amid Iran tensions, World Information

The Israeli military posted a video on Sunday showing its fighter planes escorting the United States B-52 bombers over the Israeli sky. See: The military said it was escorting two US bombers. The flight of the two B-52 bombers is the latest warning mission in the region Iran amid tensions between Washington and Tehran. The Read More
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Israeli F-15s Have been Armed With Outdated Missiles Throughout B-52 Escort

American B-52H bombers flew another global power failure from the United States to the Middle East and back, this time crossing Israeli airspace on their journey. During their time over Israel they were hit by a quartet of F-15A / B / C / D “Baz” (Falcon) fighters. Two of these planes appear to be Read More
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Israeli jets escort American B-52s throughout flyby, in present of pressure to Iran

Israeli F-15 fighter jets escorted two American B-52 bombers through Israeli airspace on Sunday to demonstrate the US in a new act of power against Iran – with an Israeli element – amid mounting tensions in the region. In the past few weeks, Iranian militias have carried out several attacks on American military bases in Read More
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