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True, VP Kamala Harris didn’t salute army escorts; right here’s why not

The Associated Press features some of the week’s most popular, but completely untrue, stories and pictures. This one is a hoax, despite being prevalent on social media. Here are the facts: CLAIM: Vice President Kamala Harris disregarded the military when she did not greet the military escorts when she boarded Air Force Two in Georgia Read More
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Here is How A lot A 1989 Ford Escort GT Is Value As we speak

The ford Escort GT was an extremely popular car in the late 1980s and early 90s. For some time it was number one for the world’s best-selling car. Not only in the USA, where it was made, as the whole world loved the Escort GT. But why? Ford’s GT model had an impressive look and Read More
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My Time Working On ‘Intercourse And The Metropolis’ Drove Me To Depart The Business. This is Why.

“He almost hit that woman!” called out my 11 year old daughter Daisy and pointed at the screen. A friend sent me a video after reading my essay on the toxic behind-the-scenes experiences I had while working on Sex and the City. Now I saw the clip in knowing horror when director David O. Russell Read More
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Here is What Everybody Forgot About The Ford Escort Cosworth

The Ford Escort Cosworth was a good weapon both on the rally course and on the road. When the Ford Escort Cosworth came out in the early 90s, it was the ultimate blue collar hero and very quickly became a cult classic. It also has a reputation for having a bit more power than it Read More
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Sure, Bella Thorne Has a Favourite Intercourse Toy — Right here’s Precisely The place to Purchase It

Yes, Bella Thorne has a favorite sex toy – you can buy it here Jean-Baptiste LaCroix / Getty Images At a time when social distancing is encouraged, the importance of self-enjoyment cannot be overstated. We dare to suspect that COVID-19 has led more people than ever to engage in sex toys – and even celebrities Read More
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Right here’s How Model New Ford Escort-Impressed Rally Classics Are Being Made in Wales

As driven by Jonny Smith, the host of the Late Brake Show, the MST MK2 features the optional six-link rear axle from Atlas Motorsport, the 200 hp Ford engine, adjustable 2.25 Bilstein dampers and a new six-speed manual transmission a Mazda MX-5 with a limited slip differential from Gripper Motorsport and the optional power steering Read More
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