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Syracuse man says he was ‘intercourse slave’ of convicted probation officer

Syracuse, NY – A Syracuse man in federal custody says in a lawsuit that he was a “sex slave” to his Onondaga County probation officer and that she sexually and physically coerced him for over five months in 2017.

Cicero probation officer Bridget Duerr, 48, previously pleaded guilty to the official misconduct and resigned in October 2018 after investigating the sexual relationships she had with two of her male probation officers. At the time, prosecutors did not pursue allegations that she physically forced herself on the men.

However, in a lawsuit filed in March, Duerr is accused of using her position of authority to coerce sex and, if rejected, pulling the matter down.

The 35-year-old man says Duerr first entered into a sexual relationship with him in May 2017 to allow him a birthday trip to Miami. Dürr told the man to meet her at a Carrier Circle Hotel, where they complained about having sex.

“During the relevant period, the defendant Dürr made it clear to her probation officer in many cases that he would go to jail if he did not engage in these sexual acts with her,” the lawsuit said.

According to the lawsuit, Dürr let the man have sex with her several times in the following months, sometimes in public places.

“The defendant Dürr sexually assaulted, sexually abused and violently touched the plaintiff without the plaintiff’s consent, including the sexual manipulation of the plaintiff’s genitals,” says the lawsuit. “The defendant Dürr used her position of power over the plaintiff when she forced the plaintiff to be her sex slave.”

Prosecutors have confirmed that Dürr’s plea for official misconduct included the sex she was with the federal prisoner named in this lawsuit. However, details of the sexual encounters were not made public in the criminal proceedings. | The Post Standard does not identify the man who filed the lawsuit as he may be a victim of sexual abuse. He remains in federal custody for an illegal gun case.

Staff writer Douglass Dowty can be reached at or 315-470-6070.