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Su-35 fighters escort Tu-95MS strategic bombers in skies over western Russia in drills – Army & Protection

MOSCOW, February 9 / TASS /. Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying bombers and Sukhoi Su-35S fighters held joint exercises in the skies over the Tver region, the Western Military District press office reported on Tuesday.

“A formation of Su-35S fighters from the Air Force Operational and Tactical Aviation and Air Defense Army of the Western Military District took off on orders from Khotilovo Airfield to escort the Tu-95MS Turboprop strategic missile-bombers launched from an air base – and space force in the Saratov region, “said the press office in a statement.

The crews of the Su-35S fighters practiced complex formation flights together with the strategic bombers Tu-95MS and carried out an aerial battle, after which they returned to their home airfield.

Tu-95MS bombers are the air component of the Russian nuclear triad. Their mission is to hit key targets in remote military-geographic areas and deep in the background of continental theaters for military operations with nuclear weapons. A modernized bomber is equipped with a new control system and hardpoints for Kh-101 missiles, which have proven themselves in Syria.