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Stunning Hollywood pattern escort purchasers are asking for

It’s the oldest profession in the world, but what customers will ask of escort services in 2021 could shock even the riskiest.

Forget the washboard abs and chiseled physique. Women who are looking for a male companion now request guys with a “Dad Bod”.

The body shape – a mixture of overweight and muscles – became a worldwide sensation in 2015 when Hollywood stars such as Chris Pratt and Zac Efron turned away from their earlier bulging buildings.

Since then, stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey have also followed the trend.

And while women demand a much more natural look in their male companions, men also turn away from young and plastic women to demand more mature women.

Samantha X and her business partner Vanessa Titmus.

Samantha X, who owns and operates an escort service across Australia, told The Daily Telegraph that her clients’ desires had slowly but noticeably changed.

She added that the most popular clientele is not what you would think.

“We’re finding that 90 percent of our men like women over 40. We’re now recruiting more women between the ripe ages of 30 and 60 to help with demand,” she said.

“I had a 22-year-old client who said he was addicted to cougars and not attracted to women his age. He said, ‘When you have a wife, you don’t go back to girls’.”

The best-selling authoring agency, Samantha X After Dark, has just started to provide a platform for male companions for women as demand has increased.

“I think most people think that the sex industry is pimped in when it is mostly a really professional all-women business. We are committed to empowering women without taking advantage of them,” she said.

“This is about how we bring joy to women.”

She said the industry managed to survive the effects of the global pandemic.

“We’re looking for more girls. I’ve always said this industry is recession-proof. The coronavirus hasn’t hit us as badly,” she said.

“It seems like men have a lot more cash right now.”

Zac Efron’s ‘Dad Bod’ is on display.

Dad was an easy change for stars Efron and McConaughey, who are often seen with bulging biceps and washboard abs.

Surveys have shown that most men and women perceive the slightly sagging diaphragm as a sign of confidence.

Several academic studies have attempted to outline what makes people really drawn to one another.

Hypotheses include the symmetry of facial features, the right waist-to-hip ratio, and whether facial scars in men make them more attractive to one-night stands.

Sexologist and relationship expert Dr.  Nikki Goldstein said washboard abs can be intimidating.  Image: delivered

Sexologist and relationship expert Dr. Nikki Goldstein said washboard abs can be intimidating. Image: delivered

Dr. Nikki Goldstein, a sexologist and relationship expert, said most people’s attraction came from comfort or memory.

“What I found are men who like older women, women who have an understanding of themselves, maturity, and knowledge of their sexuality,” she said.

“While a younger girl can come up with insecurities and a lack of knowledge of what they really want.

“Most women want a man they can feel sexy with. After my research, I have found that most male escorts are not the typical type of magic microphone. They have more of a charm and confidence than the ragged looks and are covered with oil. “”

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