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Stopping intercourse trafficking at Arizona’s ports of entry

TUCSON, Arizona (KGUN) – The state of Arizona is doing its part to end the sex trafficking on Arizona highways. Lieutenant Scott Gamble of the Arizona Department of Transportation says he worked in the enforcement and compliance department to detect and investigate non-stop sex traffickers.

“Our officers are trained. The port of entry I supervise is Ehrenberg on I-10 on the California border. We drive an average of between 6.00 and 6,500 trucks a day that are just passing through the port of entry, ”said Gamble.

According to Gamble, ADOT crews keep their eyes peeled for suspicious activity as commercial vehicles drive through Arizona. ADOT officials are working with other jurisdictions to handle cases where traffickers are caught.

Officials say if a truck gets through with a young person, it will be run over and the driver and passenger will be interviewed.

“We operate the port of entry so that any incoming utility vehicle can be called in for inspection,” said Gamble.

ADOT is also asking the public to sign up if they see signs of sex trafficking.

This includes:

  • Minors trying to get into bars and strip clubs
  • Young people seem to be afraid of communication because someone around them is controlling them
  • Tattoo branding with a pimp’s name

“Maybe a van full of young people, young girls with a man with them. It’s not like a church group, not a school group. It can be a mobile home. Do these girls seem shaken, scared? Are you crying? “Asked Gamble.

According to Gamble, truck drivers are some of the best resources for investigators to get information. There are currently more than 300 ports of entry in the US and 14 here in Arizona.

“They stop at a lot of truck stops and different places that this trade is going on to see what they saw. The drivers are really good when they see something they just don’t see fit with the they share that with us in many cases, ”said Gamble.

If you have information, call the national human trafficking hotline at 888-373-7888.