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Spider-sex bribes and wandering voles: Free adults-only webinar will discover animal love | Native

Male kindergarten spiders try to bribe women to mate by bringing wrapped gifts online.

Courtesy photo

If a lively web spider wants some action in the nursery, they bring a bribe.

He will wrap a dead fly or other spider with his own web and present it to a woman. If he’s desperate but has nothing to offer, he’ll try anyway.

“Sometimes he fools them with a small stick or pebble wrapped in his webbing,” said Monica Macoubrie, a wildlife educator with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

And prairie voles are known to be monogamy while sober.

“Sometimes they eat fermented fruit and get drunk,” she said. “Then they tend to deviate from the woman.”

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Macoubrie could go on and on about loving animals, and she will – during a free adult-only webinar on Wednesday.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Dude, Let’s Talk Animal Love” will explore the strange side of critter courtship and focus on species that can be found in Nebraska, such as the elaborate mating dances of sandhill cranes or the acrobatic free falls of eagles in love.

Registration is required for the webinar, which starts at 6:30 p.m. Go to to register and get a password.

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Macoubrie plans a 45 minute presentation followed by questions. Your material is factual, but not necessarily family-friendly.