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Son spent £65,000 of sick dad’s money on journeys to Anfield and escorts

A man stole £ 65,000 from his sick father to pay for trips to Anfield, hotel escorts, and a new car.

Carl Hadfield, 49, began withdrawing cash from his father’s bank account when the retiree was sick with fluid in his lungs in the hospital.

He even pretended to be his father who answered the phone when NatWest bank called to inquire about suspicious transactions that he agreed to.

Hadfield, who lived in a trailer at the end of his parents’ garden, spent large sums of his father’s money on trips to Anfield and with companions, reports The Derby Telegraph.

Both of his parents were sick during the illegal shopping spree.

Hadfield of West Lea, Clowns, pleaded guilty to two cases of theft and two cases of fraud. He has now been detained for 20 months after a hearing in the Derby Crown Court.

The court how Hadfield used his father’s money to arrange a trip to the hospitality suite in Anfield. He spent the night in an Ibis hotel and booked an escort.

He also bought an Audi car with his father’s money.

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After Hadfield was initially accused of taking nearly £ 50,000, he went on the run to re-commit the exact same crime and take more of his father’s money.

His sister then called the police to tell them that her thieving cheat brother lived in a trailer at the foot of her parents’ garden.

In a victim impact statement, Hadfield’s father demanded that his son not be sent to jail despite stealing a total of 65,000.

Prosecutor Rebecca Coleman said the first offenses occurred in 2017 when Hadfield’s father was hospitalized with fluid in his lungs linked to his time in the box. She said during that time his daughter, the defendant’s sister, helped with finances and had access to her father’s bank accounts.

Miss Coleman said in November 2017 that the daughter found a Santander account was missing money, so she and her father went to one of the branches

She said, “They were told that payments were made to Now TV, Amazon, and a large number of PayPal transactions that had not been authorized.

“The police were called and an investigation found that there was more than £ 16,000 missing from a NatWest account, more than £ 26,000 missing from a Santander account and a credit card bill of £ 7,000.

“The defendant was invited to a voluntary interview and admitted that he had taken the money. He said he set up a PayPal account on his father’s behalf.

“He said he even used it to buy a hospitality suite at the Liverpool football club, checked into an Ibis hotel and paid for companions.

“He said he also bought an Audi A5.”

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Miss Coleman said the defendant failed to appear in court following his indictment and disappeared until the second series of offenses in late 2019.

She said his father received a phone call from his bank stating that £ 600 had been withdrawn and was later linked to his son.

Miss Coleman said an additional pounds 9,500 were ingested between August and December 2019.

She said: “On January 16, 2021, the defendant’s sister called the police and said her brother lived in a trailer at the end of his parents’ garden and that he was arrested.”

Judge Jonathan Bennett imprisoned Hadfield for 20 months, saying, “It has to be custody, the offenses are so serious that it would be inappropriate to suspend them.

“He was sick, spent time in the hospital and in a nursing home, and your mother was doing badly too.

“They threw the money away in many inappropriate ways.”

William Bennett said mitigatingly, “It’s a brief mitigation, he admitted everything at the police station and pleaded guilty at the earliest possible time.

“He nailed his colors to the mast early on.”