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Sentence stands in little one intercourse assault case | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

Sentence stands in little one intercourse assault case | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

The review of a sentence for a Corry man who spent years in state prison for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old was denied.

The motion was brought before Judge Gregory Hammond on Friday in the case against Breydan Olander, Jan.

He was sentenced to two to seven years in prison last month for indecent assault.

“This is an 8 year old” Hammond told Olander on sentencing. “A second grader.”

He berated Olander for his attempts to silence the victim, noting that he was telling her she would get in trouble if she said something.

“You made her suffer in this house” he said. “I cannot imagine this suffering for you.”

On Friday, Olander’s attorney, Defense Counsel Mike Kitay, asked the court to reconsider its decision, and enclosed letters from Olander, his father, and his stepmother.

Hammond asked Kitay if he had read it and still made it available, as the father’s letter also blamed the defendant’s mother for his behavior and the stepmother’s letter and also blamed Olander’s fiancé for his behavior.

He said Olander’s letter says he will accept the time Hammond passed down “But he doesn’t do that” to rethink in light of the movement.

Deputy District Attorney Tatiana Malys said the verdict was up “More than adequate” and reviewed the measures that serve as the basis for the case.

Olander “Had a chance to show remorse and he never did” She added.

Hammond stated that he convicted Olander outside of the criminal guidelines on three grounds – the type of conduct, the age of the victim, and the accused taking advantage of the circumstances “To force their silence.”

He said Olander took responsibility in his letter following the verdict, but not in court with the victim present. He said it was “Breathtaking” that Olander had no comment when sentenced.

With regard to the letters from the family, Hammond was of help “Probably a good thing I didn’t do” Let her judge and take note of homophobic comments in the stepmother’s letter that Hammond did not say “Do some brownie points with me.”

“Everyone wants to blame this defendant’s mother and not what they did,” he said. he added, calling Olander’s conduct “outrageous” to deny on the move.

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