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Sachin Waze allegedly used a govt automobile to escort an explosives-laden SUV, In line with NIA

In a plea for the detention of Sachin Waze, NIA said he used his own government vehicle to escort the explosives-laden SUV and drove the police vehicle to the “crime scene” on Feb.25. According to NIA sources, Waze drove the Innova that followed the scorpion near Mukesh Ambani’s home.

The Innova’s official driver, a police officer, told NIA that after his shift ended on Feb. 24, he parked at police headquarters and went home. Who drove the car from there to Thane, where Waze lives, is still unknown. The NIA believes the scorpion was wielded by a police officer, officials said. Meanwhile, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) seized a Mercedes car used by Waze Tuesday night and confiscated Rs 5 lakh in cash, a cash machine, papers and bottles of beer.