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Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Escorts Spanish Frigate Mendez Nunez, Defence Ministry Says


10:36 GMT 03/17/2021Get a short url

Sputnik International


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A Spanish frigate, the Mendez Nunez, entered the Black Sea on Wednesday and the NATO ship is already being escorted by Russian Black Sea Fleet forces, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Black Sea Fleet funds and forces have begun monitoring the activities of the Spanish Navy’s Mendez Nunez frigate, which entered the Black Sea waters on March 17,” the ministry told reporters.

Last Friday, the Spanish frigate Cristobal Colon entered the Black Sea and arranged for the Black Sea Fleet to escort it.

Moscow has repeatedly beaten up NATO military maneuvers in the Black Sea which, according to Russia, are destabilizing the situation in the region. Although international agreements allow ships from other states to cross the Black Sea and stay there for 21 days, the Kremlin believes that only regional powers should conduct such operations in the region.