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Romanian lady, 32, killed in Aosta, escort world probed – English

(ANSA) – AOSTA, APRIL 19 – Police are combing Aosta’s sex escort world after a 32-year-old Romanian woman was found with her throat cut in an apartment in the northern city over the weekend.

Friends and employees of Elena Serban Raluca are interviewed.

All of Raluca’s electronic devices, including her phone and tablet, were removed from the apartment after her murder, likely because they contained evidence of her killer, police said Monday.

The apartment was also missing the murder weapon, probably a kitchen knife, police said.

The victim’s sister told police she had come to Val d’Aosta from Tuscany for work, and police said she could not confirm that she was engaged in sex work.

An autopsy has yet to be ordered.

Raluca was found in her bathroom with a deep cut in her throat just after sunrise on Sunday.

A medical examiner gave the time of death as Saturday afternoon.

The police first said they were investigating the local prostitution world. (ANSA).


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