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Recent intercourse tape scandal, ‘very well-known’ participant

Another sex tape scandal is expected to rock the NRL. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock / Getty Images)

The NRL is said to be rocked by another sex tape scandal involving a “very well-known” star.

According to Channel nineThe player allegedly filmed himself having sex with a woman and then distributed it.

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The woman has reportedly hired a law firm and claims the incident was filmed without her knowledge or consent.

Dean Ritchie, author of the Daily Telegraph, spoke about the big sports breakfast on Wednesday morning and gave further details.

“The video is on, I got it last night,” said Ritchie.

“It’s tough. It looks like a first class player who is very well known. But we can’t prove that yet.

“You’d have to go to the right channels to find out if it’s the player and if there is any prospect of punishment.

“It looked like a sex act in a toilet. But until we know more. Whether we can determine the identity and whether it is the player himself.

“There are more questions than answers.”

Michael Clarke complains about the recent scandal

Michael Clarke, co-host of the Big Sports Breakfast, was thrilled that anyone could be this stupid.

“Seriously, I don’t get it,” said the former Australian cricket captain.

“Doesn’t he have a house to start with? Like going home. What are you doing in a toilet

“I feel for everyone involved. In the same breath he might not have known it was being filmed.

“I feel for the woman concerned and you can imagine … I don’t know if things will change as you get older and become parents, but if I’ve ever seen anything like this and my daughter was involved, I never forgive these people involved.

“Like it’s someone’s daughter. I just don’t get it.”

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