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Raunchy grownup vegan meal package launches with intercourse toys and video games

LessMeat has launched the world’s first vegan meal set for adults with lube, Pick & Mix sex toys, games and even vegan spray cream!

Valentine’s Day is set to look a little different this year, but Yorkshire-based vegan startup LessMeat is making sure we don’t miss out on any fun with their slick new vegan adult meal set.

The cheeky vegan meal set is a world first and contains all the ingredients you need for a delicious 2-course plant-based feast, as well as some cheeky extras that you can enjoy in the bedroom afterwards!

The meal sets (£ 49) come with handy, step-by-step instructions so even the worst cooks can master the dishes to woo your other half.

Next to the box you will find three different main dishes and desserts to choose from. For your main course, you can choose between roasted meatballs with black beans and spaghetti tomato sauce, a beautifully flavored dhal with whole grain rice and spinach, or the ultimate cottage pie sweet potatoes.

And for desserts, you can opt for the decadent vegan chocolate mousse, a Berry & Apple Oaty Crumble or a peanut butter cookie bar.

The LessMeat meal set is designed to put a smile on your face. It also includes some X-rated extras like vegan-friendly lubricants, pick & mix sex toys and games.

There is even vegan spray cream that you can either serve next to a bowl of strawberries or find creative ways to enjoy it with your partner.

LessMeat believes that “one of the best ways to welcome people in times of difficulty and uncertainty is through good food and good sex”.

According to the company, the limited-edition amusement boxes are designed as a grown-up version of a “Happy Meal” and lift people’s spirits after a gloomy start to the year.

LessMeat founder and former chef Jason Lloyd said of the vegan meal set for adults: “We’re on a mission to make other people as passionate about plant-based foods as we are. The date night doesn’t just have to be steak and chips.

“You are basically cooking yourself meals for adults.”

The limited vegan meal set for adults costs £ 49 and is delivered on time for Valentine’s Day. Order via the website at

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