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Pune Police Get 9 Autos For Escort Responsibility, Police Leisure Heart Renovated To Swimsuit Trendy Structure

Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, January 26, 2021: A renovated police entertainment center was inaugurated today in Shivajinagar by Deputy Prime Minister Ajit Pawar. The Pune City Police also have nine vehicles to escort them during the VIP movement.

To strengthen and modernize the Pune City Police Department, Deputy Prime Minister Ajit Pawar approved a Rs 1 billion fund from the District Planning Committee and nine new scorpion vehicles from the Mahindra Company. These vehicles are used for escort and pilot missions.

The Pune Police Commissionerate’s Police Entertainment Center was completed on August 15, 1959 so that police officers and their family members can enjoy their arts and talents, family cultural events, wedding ceremonies, birthdays, etc. In 2005 there were a total of six toilets for executives were installed on the first floor of the building.

In 2020 the then police commissioner Dr. K. Venkatesh and the current Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta completed the renovation and expansion of the Police Entertainment Center building in a modern way, as well as the construction of a spacious hall next to the building.

The police inspector of the special department, Ramesh Sahebrao Sathe, made special efforts to do this. Arun Nathani, managing director of Cybage Company, and Ritu Nathani, director of Cybage Company, volunteered to expand the Police Entertainment Center building with air conditioning and other facilities out of social commitment.

Department Commissioner Saurabh Rao, Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta, Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissioner Krishna Prakash, Joint Police Commissioner Dr. Ravindra Shisve, additional police commissioner Jalindar Supekar, Dr. Sanjay Shinde, Ashok Moral, Deputy Police Commissioner Bachchan Singh, Priyanka Narnaware, Bhagyashree Navatke, Swapna Gore, Purnima Gaikwad, Satish Govekar and Aba Chemte were present. Also present were Amit Gajwani, Executive Chairman of the Cybage Company and Purchasing Manager Priya Parnekar.