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Previous 1988 Ford Escort Dealership Laserdisc Is Pure ’80s Gold: Video

These days, auto dealer training is quite high tech and mostly done via the magic of the internet and sometimes even virtual reality. But there was a time when dealership workers saw videos recorded by automakers on things like VHS tapes and LaserDiscs, which was the case with this 1988 Ford Escort video showing the compact car’s many quirky high-tech features announced.

Of course, looking back now, this video is quite humorous, if not for the many next-level features that the 1988 Ford Escort (or 1988 1/2 as the video calls it) then for the big, chubby hair and other golden nuggets of the 80s are presented during the almost half-hour film. It all starts with a quick look back at the escort set of the Orleans soft rock hit Still the One, a fitting soundtrack if we dare to say it.

After touting the fact that the Escort was the best-selling car in the world for five years, the video gives us a breakdown of the trim levels available for the new (half) year, followed by a full list of changes with the 1988 Ford Escort. That starts with those cute polycarbonate bumpers that run at five miles per hour that go exactly with those chic new sidebars.

The updated design of the 1988.5 Escort continued with a tonneau cover and 14-inch wheels in place of the previous model’s 13-inch models, while an electronic AM radio replaced the outgoing mechanical unit. And hey, there are even alarms instead of those old-fashioned buzzers – something we still hear in the fancy new vehicles today.

If all of this is not enough, our host points out that the Escort offers tremendous value compared to its Japanese competition before breaking down a few points of discussion for traders, including the importance of using a quality fuel with its electronic fuel injection system. It’s a pretty intriguing and detailed look at how dealers prepared to move those cool little subcompacts from the past, and an insightful reminder of how far we’ve come in the past few decades.

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