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Pregnant Girl whose Waters’ Broke Will get Emergency Police Escort

Nanjing law enforcement agencies played their part as the Good Samaritan earlier this week, providing a dramatic high-speed motorcycle police escort to a pregnant woman whose water broke in a car while stuck in a traffic jam downtown.

“Where are you going?” Said the traffic cop when he was called by a desperate woman in a car. “To the women’s and children’s hospital,” panted the lady.

The incident occurred on January 26th during morning rush hour on the elevated section of Nanjing’s Longpan Lu. The policeman then simply replied: “Follow me”.

No fewer than three police motorcycles provided the pregnant woman’s husband with a high-speed escort as the driver of her car.

With two motorcycles at the front and another at the rear, the motorcade quickly clears the morning traffic jams in Nanjing, drives red lights and often drives on the wrong side of the road.

In the end, the police took the pregnant woman from Longpan Lu to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital at the intersection of Shigu Lu and Mochou Lu in a record time of only 19 minutes.

As a result of her actions, the woman was quickly out of danger. Family members expressed their gratitude to police officers through WeChat, The Paper reports.

A video of the motorcade composed of police cameras and surveillance cameras on the street can be viewed via this link.

The emergency services in Nanjing routinely allow the public to drive in complete disregard of traffic rules if the situation deems it necessary. In 2010, even this correspondent was allowed to drive through every single red light from Pukou District to downtown Nanjing to chase an ambulance with a family member who was in a medical emergency.

It is perhaps not an exaggeration to say that this incident and Tuesday’s mercy mission reveal a side of the work of Nanjing first responders that they secretly enjoy.