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Police to escort three irregular masses throughout Norfolk

Police are said to be escorting three unusual loads on some of the county’s main routes over the next few days.

The planned escorts have asked the police to warn of possible delays on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

On Wednesday March 3rd, officers will be escorting a 20-meter boat from Poole to Oyster Yachts on Tunstead Road in Hoveton.

The boat departs at 1:00 PM and, upon arrival on the A14 at the Cambridge border, travels on local roads such as the A140 and A47 before merging onto the A1064, B1152, A149 and A1151.

As it nears its final destination, the boat will be guided along Horning Road West and Tunstead Road.

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A gas ship will be transported from Lincoln to Norfolk on Friday March 5th.

The 3.3 m wide and 21 m long ship leaves Lincoln at 12 noon and sails on Wymondham Road – Silfield Street – Silfield Road – The Street – Wymondham Road – B1113 – A140 – A11 – A37 – A17 Lincs Border to Wreningham

The last abnormal load the police will be escorting is a 31m boat hull sailing from Ashmanhaugh to Southampton on Sunday 7th March.

It will leave Ashmanhaugh at 8 a.m. and is scheduled to drive down Rectory Road and School Road before merging onto the A1151.

From there it is escorted along the A149, B1152, A1064.

The hull then joins the A47, A11, A14, A11 before escorting onto the motorway towards the Essex border.

An alternate route was also indicated that the escort would take the boat hull from the A47 to the A140 and Kettle Lane. The escort would then head west on the A14 and continue on the A11 towards the Autobahn.

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