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Police and U.S. Marshals conduct compliance checks on intercourse offenders in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara – South County

SANTA BARBARA, Calif .– The Santa Barbara Police Department and U.S. Marshals conducted compliance checks on registered sex offenders in Santa Barbara on Tuesday.

Around 10 deputy marshals and six police detectives carried out the compliance checks.

Sexual offenses include rape, lewd or lascivious acts against young people, committing an unwanted sexual act with violence or fear, and indecent behavior in public.

Police said 10 sites were checked and one perpetrator was arrested for failing to comply with sex offender registration laws.

A 49-year-old Santa Barbara man was arrested on the 2500 block of Parks Road in Santa Barbara.

He was charged with non-registration and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Megan’s Act was passed in 1996 and requires the California Department of Justice to inform the public about certain registered sex offenders. All US states have some form of Megan’s law.

Megan’s Law website was created to help community members better protect themselves and their families.

All permanent sex offenders must report themselves within five days of their birthday each year. Non-resident sex offenders must report to their local law enforcement agency every 30 days.

Offenders moving to or from another jurisdiction must register with their law firm within five business days.

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