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Pennsylvania man who ended up at Clarksburg fed midway home on intercourse trafficking sentence pleads responsible to West Virginia failure to register | WV Information

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WV News) – A man who went to federal prison for sex trafficking in a child in Pittsburgh and ended up while staying in the halfway house of the Bureau of Prisons in Clarksburg pleaded guilty to not following West Virginia’s Sex Records Act.

Mario Wyatt Grisom, 39, could spend two to ten years in the West Virginia prison system when convicted on March 25 by Harrison Chief Judge Thomas A. Bedell.

Defense attorney Tom Dyer reserves the right to dispute the conviction. The state will not make a recommendation in the context of the plea.

At the hearing on Wednesday before Bedell, Grisom, also known as “Digga”, admitted that a cell phone and email address were not registered. A third number of sex registers were rejected in the course of the plea.

In early 2016, Grisom admitted sex trafficking a 15-year-old girl who ran away from home in federal court in Pittsburgh. He received a 5-year federal sentence later that year, despite the government and defense jointly recommending a 10-year prison sentence.

According to records from the Bureau of Prisons, Grisom was released on October 7, 2019. A year later, he was charged by officer DM Goodman on the three Harrison County Sex Record allegations. The third concerned Grisom, who reportedly hadn’t registered a new job.

– John Paul Jenkins Jr., 40, of Clarksburg, was ordered to report to the North Central Regional Jail by 9:00 a.m. on March 1 to serve a 1 to 3 year sentence for failure to pay child benefit.

Harrison Circuit judge James A. Matish passed the sentence on Tuesday. Separately, Jenkins is pending child molestation charges with another Harrison County judge.

Jenkins was in a postponed decision on the maintenance fee when he allegedly committed child abuse by beating a child and hitting them with a belt.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Shockley moved to see the prison sentence imposed. Defense attorney Phil Isner, recently hired by Jenkins, advocated an alternative punishment.

Jenkins initially owed more than $ 22,000 in child support. Attachments to his disability check and the handicap allowance he received when he was fine for the state benefit reduced the child support amount to approximately $ 16,750. Matish ordered that amount be reduced to a verdict.

Harrison Assistant Associate Steven Secreto was investigating the child support case. Deputy Chase Barnett is the investigator on the child molestation charge.

A motion to change or reduce the verdict could potentially be at play, Matish stated, but that will likely depend on what happens in the child molestation case and civil case. Isner could file the request to reduce or change the sentence within 120 days, and the court could then put the order on hold if necessary, Matish said.

– Rose Marie Stire, 31, of Clarksburg, filed a conspiracy to commit grand theft and forgery prior to Bedell.

The court sentenced Stire on March 25, represented by Attorney Dean Morgan.

Stire, whose loan was revoked earlier this month, was again released on bail at Morgan’s request.

Stire was accused as an accomplice – the Wheelman – of alleged theft of items from a vehicle in a parking lot in Bridgeport on June 26th.

Bridgeport Policeman Lt. Gary Weaver, investigated.

– Travis Matthew Baldwin, 26, of Hepzibah, filed a plea for possession to deliver marijuana on Wednesday, according to Harrison Prosecutor Rachel Romano.

Judge Matish accepted the plea and set the conviction on March 15. Assistant Attorney James Armstrong and the defense will jointly recommend parole.

Matish ordered a drug and alcohol evaluation as part of the preliminary investigation.

– Bedell granted Harrison Deputy Defender Perry Jones’ request to apply for a signature loan for Katrina Patrice Barker, 29, of Clarksburg.

As part of the deposit, Barker must register for and complete a rehabilitation program in Wheeling.

Barker is charged with negligence in one case and shoplifting in another.

– Christopher M. Durkes may be moved into a less restrictive environment after a hearing on Wednesday before Harrison Circuit Judge Chris McCarthy, according to Assistant Attorney Armstrong.

Durkes was taken into DHHR custody in 2013 after Judge John Lewis Marks Jr. found the defendant innocent of mental illness in order to destroy the property while revoking his sex offender-supervised release.

– Clinton Bradley Curfman, 27, of Webster Springs, made a deferred decision that would face a serious theft conviction if unsuccessful or a minor theft conviction if successful. Curfman and his co-defendant are expected to participate in the full refund. They were accused of stealing gold coins that were used to sell weapons.

McCarthy presided over, according to Assistant Attorney Andrea Roberts.

– Zachary Joseph Cain, 30, of Clarksburg, filed four crime counts in Harrison County Magistrate Court and has been given two years probation. Cain could face a two-year prison sentence for breaking parole. The state dismissed a criminal property with the intention of bringing charges as part of the plea.

– John Lewis Ford, 27, of Grafton, has filed a shoplifting misdemeanor for a second offense in Harrison County District Court. Ford was charged with shoplifting for a third offense in 2019.