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Orange Seashore Police say suspect in TN baby intercourse crimes dedicated suicide

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) The 52-year-old Dane Appalsammy had been to Orange Beach for a little over a week for a family vacation. When his family returned to Tennessee, he stayed behind, according to the Orange Beach Police.

Checking into a smaller room at the same resort a day and two after his family left the police, he said he committed suicide by jumping from a balcony on the 11th floor.

A guest in a room on the second floor called the police after hearing a noise early Sunday morning and discovered Appalsammy’s body.

Appalsammy was arrested last summer after a Tennessee grand jury charged him with three charges of aggravated sexual violence, soliciting a minor and raping a child three times. He was supposed to be back in a Tennessee courtroom on Friday.

When the police went into Appalsammy’s room they said it was very clean and tidy and Appalsammy had already packed his bags. They say there was no evidence of a bad game or that he accidentally fell off the balcony and they couldn’t find a suicide note.