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Okay-actress Han Ye-seul admits BF labored at karaoke bar however not as male escort – Manila Bulletin

Actress Han Ye-seul and her boyfriend (Instagram)

Korean actress Han Ye-seul, 39, whose drama “Spy Myung-wol”, “Tazza” and “Will It Snow for Christmas? accompany you there.

Han Ye-sul has been bombarded with questions about the personal background of his 29-year-old friend Ryu Sung-jae, a former stage actor she met at a karaoke bar, since she uploaded her photos to Instagram on May 13.

“His previous job was a stage actor and he had previously worked at karaoke. You may think host bars and karaoke are the same thing, but I believe that everything in karaoke is outdoors, ”she wrote on Instagram, according to Korea JoongAng Daily.

She added, “I met him a few years ago in a place I was visiting with friends. And I fell in love with him last September when he had already given up the job. “

After revealing her boyfriend’s photo, YouTube channel Garosero Research Institute or Hover Lab uploaded a report claiming that Ryu Sung-jae used to work as a male escort in a host bar.

On June 2, Korean media company Dispatch released a report in which those who knew Ryu Sung-jae exposed his past.

The report said that Han Ye-seul and Ryu Sung-jae met at an illegal entertainment venue.

Last year, the two met in an illegal karaoke bar in the affluent Cheongdam-dong neighborhood of Gangnam, Seoul. The karaoke bar, which cannot hire male receptionists, has been registered as a regular restaurant but has since changed its signage to avoid government crackdown.

It was said that Ryu Sung-jae worked as a male host. While it’s not illegal, the problem arises when developing a relationship with customers.

A source told Dispatch that Ryu Sung-jae worked more like an escort than a host to scare off customers. The source said the “hosts” are chosen by female guests.

Another source who shared a photo with Dispatch said Han Ye-seul’s friend had received sponsorship such as financial aid from married and divorced women.

“He met married women several times, but left the place in September when he started dating Han Ye-seul,” the source said.

According to another source, Han Ye-seul tried to make his friend’s debut as an actor and had a disagreement with her agency in the process.