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NY man accused of utilizing Erie-area motels in intercourse trafficking

Federal authorities accuse a New Yorker of using hotels in the Erie area to see two women for sex. Millcreek stabs part of the federal case that was unsealed in Buffalo on Tuesday.

An investigation into prostitution in Millcreek Township has become part of a federal trial in Buffalo.

Federal authorities accuse a New York man of engaging in a sexual encounter between an adult woman and an undercover agent at a Millcreek hotel in a Millcreek hotel in March to persecute her and another woman for sex in parts of Erie County, Pennsylvania and west of New York to act.

One of the women told investigators that the defendant had sold her up to 100 times for sex, according to court records. She also said she and the defendant “settled” in motels in the Erie area.

Defendant Anthony D. Burris, 30, of Ellicottville, New York, was arrested Tuesday after charges over the Millcreek incident were withdrawn by Erie County prosecutors prior to his scheduled preliminary hearing on Tuesday morning.

Burris, also known as Anthoney Burris, appeared Tuesday via videoconference in the U.S. District Court for the western borough of New York in Buffalo, where the federal case was filed. A court hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning, according to court records.

Local connection: New York man trapped in undercover prostitution stitch that took woman to Millcreek Hotel

Burris is confronted with sexual trafficking through violence, threats, fraud or coercion, as well as coercion and entitlement. An investigator for the Homeland Security Investigations of the Department of Homeland Security in Buffalo filed the indictment in an amended criminal complaint on Tuesday, according to court records. The federal case filed on March 24 was unsealed on Tuesday.

Burris is accused in the complaint of forcing two women to have sex with men in parts of Chautauqua county as well as Erie county, where authorities said Burris had rented rooms in various hotels as of July.

First wife fees

The investigation started in January. The mother of one of the women contacted the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s office and reported that her daughter was involved in drug use, prostitution, and is engaged in sexual acts with others in exchange for drugs and other items from Burris, according to the probable affidavit Reason for the federal complaint. The mother also said that according to the complaint, Burris abused the woman.

The mother reported in February that she learned that Burris had attacked her daughter, who was in a medical clinic in Erie. A Millcreek police officer went to the clinic and spoke to the woman, but she was not cooperative and said she received her injuries from falls and refused to help. Burris was seen in a vehicle outside the clinic during the detective’s visit, investigators wrote in the complaint.

On March 3, a federal undercover agent contacted the woman through an online sex advertising website and arranged a meeting in Ellicott, New York. Members of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office approached a vehicle occupied by Burris and the woman after it arrived at the meeting point, and investigators spoke to the woman and Burris.

Investigators said they had confiscated a phone from the woman. They also called the number associated with the online ad, and a phone in the vehicle Burris was driving began to ring. Authorities searched the vehicle and said they found items including condoms and lubricants, suspected drugs including a mix of suspicious heroin and fentanyl, and cell phones. Authorities searched Burris and found items such as condoms and three hotel key cards, according to an affidavit.

Burris was released and received a ticket for a violation of New York Prostitution Permission Act, an offense, as investigators wrote in the affidavit.

Second wife fees

Investigators who checked the online ads for sex found an ad for the second woman and called the number associated with it after meeting Burris on March 3, as authorities were in possession of the cell phones that Burris had confiscated. One of the phones rang.

Eight days later, investigators saw another online advertisement and, according to the affidavit, recognized a photo showing the second woman.

It was agreed that the second woman would meet with an undercover officer at the Homewood Suites at 2084 Interchange Road in Millcreek. Investigators said Burris was seen driving into the hotel parking lot with a passenger. She went to the hotel and told the undercover officer that the affidavit said she would provide sexual services for $ 220.

Millcreek police wrote in their criminal complaint against Burris that the woman said Burris set her up and drove her to appointments to provide sexual services to men and to return the proceeds to Burris. The community police also wrote that a bag suspected of containing drugs was found in the vehicle Burris was driving and that a field test tested positive for methamphetamine.

Burris was taken into custody after the encounter and charged by Millcreek Police with criminal offenses, including four offenses promoting prostitution. Burris was transferred to Erie County Jail on March 12 on his indictment and was given $ 250,000 bail.

Investigators wrote in the affidavit filed with the federal complaint that the second woman told authorities during an interview on March 18 that she had agreed to work for Burris by seeking sex in exchange for accommodation, drugs and “sold everything she needed to survive”. She said Burris took them to Erie and they “settled” in several hotels in the area.

The second woman also told investigators that she estimated that Burris sold her for sex between 50 and 100 times and that he rarely gave her any of the money, “and when he did, it was that she was drugs could buy from him “Probable Cause Affidavit.”

Investigators said in the affidavit that Burris met the second woman through the first woman and that the second woman, also from Chautauqua County, was homeless and a drug addict.

Investigators said a review of hotel records confirmed, according to an affidavit, that Burris made “significant room bookings” at three different hotels in the Erie area.

Records from one hotel reflected daily bookings valued at more than $ 1,800 between February 14 and March 11, and records from another hotel, according to affidavit, reflected bookings valued at nearly $ 3,000 between January 26 and January 26 March 1st reflected.

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