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NSW Labor MP tells state parliament authorities MP allegedly raped a intercourse employee | New South Wales

A New South Wales MP told the House of Commons that a NSW government MP allegedly raped a sex worker at a “remote vantage point” in the Blue Mountains.

Trish Doyle, the Labor MP for the Blue Mountains, made a statement in front of parliament on Wednesday.

Doyle said she was contacted 18 months ago by a sex worker who said she was “recently attacked in my constituency”.

She claimed the woman told her that she only consented to oral sex and that she was “clear with her client from the start” and that she did not consent to penetration sex.

“She tells me that she made it clear she wasn’t ready to have penetrative sex with him, but towards the end the man behind her moved and attacked her in a way that she hadn’t consented to,” said Doyle to Parliament.

“They met at a remote vantage point … in the Blue Mountains. In her emails to me, she said that once the attack started, she just wanted it to end. But she was emphatic about that. It was an attack and against their express instructions. She disagreed. It was rape.

“It is all the worse that this man who raped her is a member of the government of this chamber.”

Doyle told Parliament that the sex worker told her that she “agreed to meet a client who was traveling home from Sydney at one point in his trip north from Sydney”.

“He ran a search ad … and was offering $ 200. It was an arrangement for oral sex only. “

Doyle told Parliament that the woman told her was “concerned about the impact of a lawsuit or investigation on her daughter”. “She is hurt and angry that this powerful man felt the right to attack her.”

A spokesman for NSW police said the matter was reported in September 2020 and the police have started an investigation.

“Child abuse and sex crimes team detectives are investigating allegations of sexual violence against a woman in the Blue Mountains in September 2019,” a statement said.

“The matter was reported and referred to management at the end of September 2020 and has been investigated since then. As the investigation has not yet been completed, we cannot provide any further details. “