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Nonprofit offers housing companies for intercourse trafficking survivors

(KWWL) – Local nonprofit Friends Of The Family launched new programs for sex trafficking and domestic violence survivors in 2021.

The programs focus on housing support services.

Home Free:

  • This program, funded by the Justice Department, is aimed at survivors of sex or human trafficking who need help finding accommodation
  • This program provides up to 24 months of rapid relocation assistance, e.g. B. Rent, supply and payment assistance, or covers the costs of the move
  • Home Free helps 10 to 12 households at the same time
  • Started March 1, 2021
  • Grant: $ 460,000 over three years

Safe at home

  • HUD Continuum of Care Grant funds for domestic violence survivors
  • The program provides services to 10 temporary or “shelter” households in order to find permanent residence
  • Provides support to 16 households currently living in a permanent household
  • Started January 1, 2021
  • Grant: $ 410,000 per year

The managing director Ben Brustkern says that both programs should start a new future.

“In some cases, some of these programs are designed to run for 24 months with rental support. We want people out in a 9 to 12 month window whenever possible because it’s about helping the next person,” said Brustkern.

Home Free and Safely Home case managers also assist clients with the necessary counseling services.

“Their goal is to really connect participants with other resources in the community. If someone needs psychological counseling, we can help them there. If someone needs substance abuse, we can help them there,” said Brustkern.