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Night time to recollect: Kansas college students with disabilities get promenade escort of a lifetime

WICHITA (KSNT) – The speed of the motorcycle engines could be heard around the campus high school on Saturday evening.

“Everyone came out and went, ‘Oh my god, who’s going to show up with all these bikes?'” Said Kacie Ciarmoli, mother of a campus student.

Dozens of bikers provided a royal escort. Ciarmoli’s son, Tucker Stewart, was one of the students on the party bus who made an entrance they’ll never forget.

Stewart is bound to a wheelchair, but the bikers have teamed up to carry him off the bus.

“Everyone was singing Tucker, Tucker, Tucker,” said Ciarmoli. “I had goose bumps. I held back the tears. I mean, I just can’t say thank you enough. ”

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On Amanda Clarke’s campus, local bikers and companies like Party Express and Bourbon Street gathered to offer disabled students a memorable prom.

“You have had communication and physical problems since the day you were born,” said Clarke. “So it’s really about inclusion and making sure they can experience all the things that a normal student can experience.”

The support from the community did not disappoint.

“Did you have fun, Tucker,” asked reporter Alexis Padilla. Tucker put her hands over her face with a smile! “Would you have stayed all night?” asked his mother. Tucker gave a squeak as he smiled.

It was a special night for Lane Leis, who was ready to play boogie.

“It was fun on the party bus,” he said.

Leis graduated from campus in 2020 but was invited back to make up for his missed prom.

He wants to remind people that people with disabilities deserve to be treated well every day.

“Maybe you don’t treat yourself so much like you are different?” asked his mother, Cathrine Leis. Lane replied, “Yes.”

“Talk to yourself just like you talk to other people. Get to know you? ”She suggested.“ Yeah, ”Lane said.