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Nigerians Knock Police As Ex-BBNaija Housemate Strikes With 4 Armed Escorts

Nigerian police came under attack after a viral picture of Big Brother Naija’s (BBNaija) former roommate, Terseer Waya, popularly known as Kiddwaya, appeared online with her officers.

Kiddwaya shared pictures on Instagram on Wednesday showing him escorting around four police officers with guns.

This did not go down well with Nigerians, who urged police to give the reality show celebrity such a security as insecurity mounts in many parts of the country.

However, some hailed Kiddwaya, who has billionaire father Terry Waya, saying that the scale of the kidnapping in the country was reason enough for him to have such security.

This happened shortly after the Police Inspector General Usman Baba ordered high-ranking police officers to be withdrawn from the Commission on Economic and Financial Crime.

Here are some of the comments the Daily Post gathered from Twitter:

@ 4eyedmonk: “All four police officers to a private person who can easily get akpu obi bouncers? Police, this picture puts the troops and the new IGP ashamed. “

@Leosessy: “What is the job of our private security outfits? Four cops with only one celebrity are morally wrong. “

@Debo: “That’s why we have security challenges in this country. The police, which are supposed to lead ordinary citizens, were tied to dubious VIPs. “

@Ufomma: “Any IG of the police that does not have priority # 1, the lifting of VIP policing starting with men of God (because they have already anointed) doesn’t take insecurity seriously!”

@Thepublicdefender: “All the lies about the withdrawal of cops tied to private individuals.”

@YahayaNeutral “The Nigerian Police are for the rich and famous, not ordinary Nigerians. In a country where we are complaining about the police and many security challenges, we have four police officers guarding only one person. “

@Berbzz: “It’s a huge shame. If you have the money, hire a private security company. “

@ DJ_Sp4all: “It appears that the Nigerian police system is a private security system operated by the federal government. The highest bidder takes everything. No wonder the common man is not properly served. It’s a shame.”

@negromaniacs: “Not his fault, but the system that made it possible is to blame. NPF has no respect. Now imagine how many employees across the country are doing the same thing to protect the rich. Thousands to fight crime. Even Miyetti Allah has it too. “

@ Psalm35_: “We have private securities in Nigeria, why don’t they use them? VIPs cannot use the police in South Africa, they use private security. “

@Ladeepee: “Do you know how much he’s worth if he’s kidnapped? Abeg let him use 100 of them when he needed it too. Prevention is better. “

@Martolerix: “If kidnappers lay hands on him, do you know how much dollars they’re going to ask? Abeg leaves him to secure himself and his life in a country where even the police station uses a chain to shut off their generator from thieves. “

@Dique_money: “Oh man, three military grade guns, three magazines (probably 1 extra each), hundreds of bullets to protect just one civilian. Something is wrong somewhere. “

@YolandaMny: “The problem is not that Kidd has a security company that hires cops. It is your government that pays your police services so badly that they need a sideline. Stay focused, face Buhari. “

@Abazeesi: “Why are you moving with all these guards for fear of being kidnapped? Somebody should explain because I don’t understand. “

@ MrWick: “I thought they said the new IG had withdrawn all VIP tied cops. In this Nigeria everything is just audio. “