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Name of Responsibility Zombies Glitch Pulls Participant Into the Escort Rover

An unfortunate cash on delivery: The player of the Black Ops Cold War Zombies got into the Aether Rover thanks to an imitation during an escort mission.

A new error has occurred Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s zombies where a player was dragged into the escort rover during a game. The Call of Duty franchise has seen a ton of frustrating and amusing mishaps, one of the more recent being the infamous stimulation mishap in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Escort was a new mode added to Black Ops Cold War as part of the Outbreak Zombies update for season two of the game. The goal of the mode is for players to protect a moving object from swarming zombie attacks as it moves between three different portals. This object is an ether rover. In order for it to keep moving the players defending it, it has to stay close. However, one player recently fell victim to a glitch that kept them a little too close to the rover.

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Reddit user Angel_0136 was in the middle of a chaotic firefight when a mimic remotely grabbed her and pulled her in for a bite attack. In the brief second that Angel_0136 flew through the air, however, the facial expression was seemingly killed by other teammates, and the unlucky player landed right in the rover the facial expression had been standing in front of before it disappeared. Instead of stopping in front of the vehicle, Angel_0136 somehow ended up in it and couldn’t walk for a full minute. The only salvation came when the aether rover reached a portal and disappeared, releasing Angel_0136.

Unlike some other notable mishaps with Call of Duty, this seemed like a total accident. Angel_0136’s experience seems to be a pretty useful glitch, however. As long as a player is near the rover, they will keep moving and you cannot get any closer than actually being inside. However, there is a chance the rover might not recognize a player who has a bug inside, and it wasn’t apparent from Angel_0136’s video if this was the case.

Small, unlikely glitches like this are far more amusing than frustrating. They are not groundbreaking or lead to a certain, undesirable style of play like the stimulation bug in Warzone. It just came about due to strange circumstances and the result was thoroughly entertaining. There is little chance that others will Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies players can relate the experience of Angel_0136. It seems really unique.

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Source: Angel_0136 / Reddit

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